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Detekt Air Quality Assurance (Detekt AQ)

Please allow me to introduce myself, Hunter Simmons, and my company Detekt Air Quality Assurance (Detekt AQ).

We provide dynamic, whole property Mold and Indoor Air Quality testing for residential, commercial and property management customers. Our laser and fluorescent spectrum based digital technology, manufactured by InstaScope ( out of Boulder CO, tests for mold, bacteria and pollens, as well as other inorganic bio-aerosols more efficiently than outdated conventional testing methods. Our test results are real time and available immediately, eliminating the need for costly lab delays.

We test more thoroughly, and at significantly better pricing than conventional mold testing techniques. Our technicians move throughout a structure, testing every room, with individual results for each room, that allow you to identify and target resources quicker to contaminated areas if needed, or provide instant peace of mind if no issues are found. The analysis is so quick that within 3-5 seconds of detecting a bio-organism, it can be identified - this allows not only each room to have individual results, but certain areas of a room (ie a rug, an appliance, a closet, etc) to be pinpointed as a problem area.

To sum up, we offer instant test results that are more thorough, and at better pricing than conventional Indoor Air Quality providers in this area!

I would be happy to personally speak to you or meet with you to share more about who we are, and why I think we could help you create more benefit for you or your customers.

Feel free to check out our website today at and then give us a call or drop us an email.

Thank you,
Hunter Simmons

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