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5250 Peters Creek Road Roanoke, VA 24019


Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions is an Indoor Air Quality company that uses naturally based enzyme based products to remediate mold and odors and to improve the quality of the air inside homes and businesses. Certified IAQ experts can inspect for mold and odors free of charge. We also do ductwork cleaning. Unlike traditional remediation companies, our services generally last a single day and involve little to no demolition. Inspections and advice are always free.

We specialize in indoor air quality, offering a revolutionary approach to ductwork cleaning. Our procedures, developed by IAQ experts, incorporate advanced techniques typically used in the disinfection and containment of viruses, bacteria, mold, yeasts, and more. Applying these cutting-edge practices to ductwork cleaning, we not only leave your home with clean ducts but also provide numerous additional benefits. We utilize top-of-the-line mold-grade vacuums and employ air cleaners to ensure a thorough cleaning process. Using exclusive enzyme cleaning solutions and environmental probiotics, our service won't introduce noxious byproducts into your home.

At Green Home Solutions, We Make Air Better! Call today to find out how!

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