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Uncracking the code at the NRV Home Expo: Engagement tricks for your booth visitors.

It’s a competitive landscape at trade shows and expos, so capturing and retaining attention is key. Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or new to the game, mastering the art of engagement can significantly elevate your booth’s impact and ultimately drive conversations.

From interactive displays to compelling demonstrations, here’s some innovative strategies and practical tips to help you stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on the attendees. 

Get Digital: Printed materials are great and are needed at your booth to provide any follow-up material you may not have time for. Consider a QR code to download a digital flier or a link to your website page? 

Give them something to talk about: You may not have a grand display but providing a game, or an eye-catching design can give the attendees something to remember you by. Try an interactive approach; provide a game such as Plinko that can serve as both an icebreaker and also give the attendee a chance to win a giveaway. 

Be informative: I’m sure there is a ton of information you want to relay to the attendees but time may be tight for some. Be personal but informative. It’s a delicate balance of getting your point across and relating to your audience without being too short or running out of time to speak to another attendee. 

Plan Pre-Event Marketing: By now, you’ve figured out that the Expo is a great addition to your 2024/2025 Marketing plan and now it’s time to plan before, during and after.  Incorporating Pre-Event Marketing allows your clientele and any potential prospects to gain interest in what you will have to offer at the Expo. Maybe an invitation to the event directly from you! Plan multiple Social Media posts throughout the month before teasing your product and set up at the Expo. 

Relax: Public speaking may not be your jam but rather a necessity of the job. Relax, drink a cup of coffee and get ready to speak to potential clients about their next project. You never know what awesome client you may encounter next!


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